Problems installing software and/or updates. Heron

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> Date: Monday, October 6, 2008, 10:26 AM
> Thanks very much to all of you that responded with help.
> It is obvious, *once one knows*, that all one needs to do
> is run the
> command.
> I am very new to the Linux world, obviously, and it's a
> bit nerve racking
> working
> in the terminal window....
> Thanks again!
Just keep using the terminal!  You'll get to the point that it's easier to do things from the terminal than a GUI.  The commands mentioned:

sudo dpkg --configure -a       and
sudo  aptitude -f install

are common commands used to fix apt's
installation issues and errors and if you continue to have install issues you'll get
familiar with them quickly.
You can try googling for "bash terminal commands", "apt or aptitude how to" or the like and perhaps find some good how tos that you can read and use as a reference.
Reading the error output from and Apt issue is always a good idea and the suggested terminal commands to fix it usually does the job.
People on the list expect that you tried  to fix you issues by googling for the issue first and posting after you failed to succeed but most of the time someone will offer a solution anyway. Googling will help you learn to fix issues yoursel and most of the fixes requires some terminal code. I'm no expert user but not new either and googling has helped me learn.
HTH you with Ubuntu and welcome to Ubuntu Linux.

Leonard Chatagnier
lenc5570 at

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