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Mark Haney mhaney at
Mon Oct 6 15:02:11 UTC 2008

Keith Powell wrote:

> Thank you for your help, Mark.
> As I have said to Karl, things work properly with Ubuntu on a different 
> hard drive - even with the new kernel.
> I'll do as you suggest; put the original Ubuntu drive back and see what 
> happens when I use the older kernel.
> Cheers
> Keith

I'm curious as to why the system boots fine without the XP drive 
connected if the drive itself is bad. If the Ubuntu drive is flaky, I 
should think it would be flaky no matter what else is connected to it.

Hmm, how do you have your IDE drives setup?  Are the Master and slave, 
or 'Cable Select'?  I'm wondering if the Ubuntu drive is set to cable 
select and it's getting screwy when the kernel loads somehow.

Personally, I ALWAYS manually set my IDE drives up. I never use Cable 
Select in any way.

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