how to change scrolling distance in tty terms

David Curtis dcurtis at
Sat Oct 4 22:00:33 UTC 2008

Jason Crain wrote:
> Joe Burgess wrote:
>> Hello, so I use the tty consoles a good amount (the ones you get to by
>> going ctlr-alt f1) and I was wondering if it possible to increase the
>> distance you can scroll back.  I know you press shift-pg up to scroll
>> back but really it doesn't go very far.  is this possible
> I recommend screen, a terminal manager.  It provides a much larger and 
> configurable scrollback buffer and a lot of nice features, such as 
> running several shell windows on a single terminal.  You can also detach 
> screen and leave it running after you log out.
I was going though /etc and found /etc/screenrc. This config file has a

# define a bigger scrollback, default is 100 lines
defscrollback 1024

section. I am assuming that screen is already in place. But is it  in use?


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