Rashkae ubuntu at
Sat Oct 4 01:44:21 UTC 2008

Ruben Safir wrote:

>> Anyway, if I understand it right, you want to delete the root password. 
>> But that is a very bad idea IMHO. 
> It is the best way to do it.  If you think its a bad idea then you don't
> understand gnu/linux.

I understand gnu/linux very well, and I agree that it's a bad idea.  If
you enabled the root account in Ubuntu (which is not by default) and
then forget the password, the best way to proceed is to boot directly
into /bin/bash as your init, and use the passwd command to create a new
password for root.

Coincidentally I'm sure, that's exactly what the instructions on ubuntu
help page say to do in this case.

The only reason someone should boot from CD is if this hypothetical
person also added a password to Grub, and forgot that password as well
as their root and user password.  Gods help them if they also password
protected the bios and can't boot from cd (get your screwdriver out).
Course, I would seriously worry about a person *that* forgetful, and
would assume they are trying to break into a system not their own.

 >> I know some people prefer to have a root password, but
>> that is not the default and should not be expected.
> Yeah, that is not so secure.  Do a google on the hacks that involve
> this.

Please point me to a source?  I'm not aware of any inherent security
flaw with there being a root password, (besides users putting using a
dumb password, like 'password' that gets tested by every login attack as
a matter of course)

or you mean hacks against Ubuntu's disabled root password? Again, I ask
for source of this.

> I'll say this, I've learned to never give any advice on this list from my 20 
> years of expereince with Unix systems.

You may have 20 years experience, and I'm sure you picked up lots of
useful knowledge.  That doesn't mean you know everything, and can't
learn from others who also have much experience.  We all do some things
the hard way.. Especially us old warhorses who are getting long in the
tooth and carry our tricks from 10 yrs ago forward into the brave new world.

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