Which Eclipse IDE version is best for Ubuntu LTS 8.04 ?

Derek Broughton news at pointerstop.ca
Fri Oct 3 17:04:05 UTC 2008

Ashish Vijaywargiya wrote:

> I am not saying that Eclipse don't work.
> But When I do build or Refresh then it takes a good amount of time.
> In some case it finish in expected time but sometime
> it goes into indefinite time.
> The main concern is that it gets hang out and I have to kill the
> Eclipse and this is what I really don't like.
> More thoughts ?

Please don't top post  I makes it hard to have a conversation.

I'm not doubting your experience - I'm merely pointing out that I've seen no
difference between _any_ version of Eclipse, regarding responsiveness so
going back to a really obsolete version of eclipse that is provided by
Ubuntu is highly unlikely to improve matters for you.

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