Moving from Fedora to Ubuntu - am I doing the right thing?

Mark Haney mhaney at
Fri Oct 3 15:42:34 UTC 2008

Joep L. Blom wrote:
> Mark Haney schreef:
>> Joep L. Blom wrote:
>>> How do you play flash 9.0 on the 64-bit processor?
>>> I haven't succeeded, I hope I don't highjack this thread but you said 
>>> ".. to find something I can't make run on Ubuntu.." and I wonder how you 
>>> do this.
>>> Joep
>> Does this qualify as thread hijacking?  :)
>> You can run flash 9 with nspluginwrapper.  It works really well, I've 
>> only had minor trouble with it in 64-bit.
> Well, the first question's answer I leave to your discretion!  :)
> After reinstalling nspluginwrapper it works well in Mozilla Seahorse, 
> but not in Firefox, although it is visible in both plugin directories.

Did it reinstall both plugins?  That might cause that problem.
> About choosing a distro, that is personal. I have worked for years with 
> SuSe, but it's peculiar directory structure made me switch to RedHat and 
> later Fedora. This year I switched to Ubuntu and I still like it. I can 
> work from the CL (most of the time) but the programs I use (standard 
> office work, music editing, etc) are really stable and good. I miss 
> dearly a good music notation program wherefore I use XP and Finale in a 
> VirtualBox. In my opinion ubuntu maintains packages somewhat better than 
> I experienced with Fedora. Of course I'm accustomed much more to RPM 
> than .deb but in reality they don't differ and I switched rather easily.
> With the current distributions you can not choose wrong.
> But it is just my opinion.
> Joep

I agree on certain points.  Ubuntu is stable and very well maintained. 
I can't argue that point with any success.  But, and this is just me, my 
own personal problem is with upgrading.  None really offer upgrades that 
make sense to me.  (Although the network upgrades from both Ubuntu and 
Fedora are okay) I fail to see the point in continuing 'upgrades' in the 
method that most distros offer.

I /love/ the rolling upgrades from Gentoo.  It's absolutely the way I 
think all other ditros should do it.  With the proliferation of Internet 
access now, why not do it that way?

I enjoy not having to take down my production servers for upgrades.  It 
allows me higher continued uptime than the normal upgrade procedure.

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