anyone else with this problem

NoOp glgxg at
Thu Oct 2 02:42:27 UTC 2008

On 09/30/2008 08:36 AM, Paul S wrote:
> Dustin Breese said the following on 09/30/2008 10:59 AM:
>> Same here -- works fine in firefox 3.0.3 for ME.
>> Some questions:
>> 1) Are you going through a proxy (at work, for example?)
>> 2) Do you have any firefox add-ons installed?  Try disabling them and
>> ensure firefox is restarted.
>> 3) Does it do the same thing in "safe-mode"?  $ firefox -safe-mode
>> 4) If that doesn't work, see what content-type is being sent back by using CURL.
>> $ export http_proxy=http://my.proxy:8080 # if you need a proxy to
>> access internet?
>> $ curl -i -A "Mozilla/5.0" 2>/dev/null  | grep -i
>> '^Content-type'
> OK, thanks for the feedback.  Knowing it's working ok for you made me 
> try that stuff, and eventually led me to reboot.  Upon boot up, I got 
> caught by a fsck failure and had to do the whole fsck.  Apparently, some 
> files were bad and now seem to be fixed.  So, it wasn't ff, just some 
> broken files.
> Thanks for the replies.
> regards,
> Paul

Actually your original error doesn't occur for me, but I notice a
considerable difference in viewing the page via SeaMonkey (Mozilla
version) vs Fx3.0.3. In Fx the "?" Quote and Chart section is nearly
covered by the Home News Market Data etc section. In SeaMonkey (1.1.12)
the entire page renders correctly.

It's not a Flash issue as turning off Flash results in the same - ditto
for Java & javascript. Mine appears to be an Fx issue; specifically a
3.0.3 issue as the page renders just find in Fx2.0.0.14.

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