running mplayer instead of totem

Lie Ryan lie.1296 at
Wed Oct 1 21:12:15 UTC 2008

On Wed, 01 Oct 2008 22:40:36 +1000, Ken McLennan wrote:

> G'day there Karl,
>>     I also want to introduce the VLC viewer. You can get this with
>>     $sudo
>> apt-get install vlc and then you might need some codex lib's to watch
>> DVD movies. You might have them for Totem already.
>     You might not need to install anything. VLC seems to have its own
> codecs built in. It runs pretty well everything without assistance.
>>     I find the VLC to be suprior to all other software for viewing
>> anything. It has so many adjustments to all things. Try it
>     It's my viewer of choice. Does a lot more than just view videos
> also...   converts formats; streams; captures; makes coffee; cooks
> doughnuts; etc.
> (Ok, I may have made up one or two).
> See ya
> Ken

I love VNC for its all-in-one capability, though it's not without flaws. 
Being a network-oriented player, it recognize only streams of videos, and 
don't know a bit about frames, this makes rewind and fast forward a bit 
clumsy (not a concern for many people, but I like to go back and forward 
when playing movies)

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