how to get the topic of mail lists that I most interested in?

NoOp glgxg at
Wed Oct 1 14:57:06 UTC 2008

On 09/30/2008 08:43 PM, hui tang wrote:
> hi,all.
>     every day, i receive a mass of mail from mail lists. but i only
> interested some of them. And i ordered two mail lists. Every day I open
> my mailbox , i will received so many email about all of messages. that's
> really a hard thing for me to decide which email is what i wanted.
>     so, my question is : how can I filter the mail topic i interested
> in?

I would recommend that you use the newsreader in Evolution, Thunderbird,
SeaMonkey etc., and subscribe via the gmane newsfeed. You won't get any
emails (except for the subscription confirmation email from gmane the
first time that you post) and you can easily view the message threads
from start to finish. See:
and click the gmane link in:
"The full list of Ubuntu mailing lists can be found at
and on Gmane as gmane.linux.ubuntu."

After you are comfortable using your news reader & gmane, you can then
go to: and "To
unsubscribe from ubuntu-users, get a password reminder, or change your
subscription options enter your subscription email address:". Then set
your profile to suppress the list from sending you any further email, or

You can most likely do the same for other mailing lists that you now
subscribe to. See:

Hint: also in click
on the link in "Please read the guidelines for use of the mailing lists
at the etiquette page." Bookmark that page & be sure to read the section
on 'Threading'  and in particular #3 :-) Please don't hijack other's
threads - your post had nothing at all to do with the original post
subject of "(X)Ubuntu HugDay".

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