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Sun Nov 30 21:28:49 UTC 2008

David Ehresmann wrote:
> Does Samba come with the server version?  Or is it a separate install
> into the Desktop version?

There is no artificial distinction between desktop and server in Linux.
That was a distinction created by proprietary operating systems with the
aim of creating a revenue opportunity. While there is something called
"Ubuntu Server", it is more for convenience than anything else. Every
single thing that is available on the "server" distribution is available
to the "desktop" distribution, and vice versa. I've installed KDE on
Ubuntu Server and Apache, Samba, PostgreSQL, all server applications, on
K/Ubuntu. There are differences in the kernels but again, you can mix
and match as you see fit.

For your particular case, do:

apt-get install samba smbclient swat

should do the trick. Of course you will need to have networking between
the VMWare virtual machine and the host configured properly.

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