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Carl Friis-Hansen ubuntuuser at carl-fh.com
Sun Nov 30 09:38:21 UTC 2008

howard chen wrote:
> Hello,
> How to block all access to ssh, but allow a specific IP range using ufw?
> Currently I am using...
> sudo ufw enable
> sudo ufw default deny
> ufw allow proto tcp from to port 6000
> I only want IP range from to to access my
> sshd listening on port 6000. However, the above rules seems not
> working and I cann't access my sshd.

ufw allow proto tcp from port 6000 to port 6000

You forgot the starting port number.
Secondly, start with the specific rule, because when a rule is honored, 
then it doesn't care about what else might come thereafter.

Your input creates a file called:
Have a look at that and check that everything looks right.
Lastly you have to activate the new rules:
sudo ufw disable
sudo ufw enable

Google for some examples, there are really so many good explanations and 
examples out there for ufw.
Good luck, hope it will work for you.
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