Gmail is quite something

Karl F. Larsen klarsen1 at
Thu Nov 27 19:35:30 UTC 2008

    I have been setting up Gmail to get this list and turned off the 
list going direct to me. This is now working. You need to set up Gmail 
by turning on IMAP and POP. These are complex functions that Gmail 
offers to every free user. Being a POP server is really a lot of work.

    I am still on Thunderbird on my main or laptop computer, and Gmail 
sends the list to both places. Actually it gets the email on my Gmail 
account, and then sends it to whichever Thunderbird calls for POP 
traffic. Setting up the latest Thunderbird is simplicity itself. You 
just click Edit - Account settings and select a new account and on that 
panel select a Gmail account :-)

    So my laptop which is off much more than on, gets updated with this 
list every time I get Internet to the laptop. There is no easy way to do 


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