how to record a video with sound from a webcam and save it to file

user1 bqz69 at
Wed Nov 26 22:37:56 UTC 2008

I am using ubuntu 8.10 and vlc version 0.9.4

I can open vlc -> Media -> Open Capture Device -> insert /dev/video0
and /dev/dsp -> Play, and then I can see my webcam and hear sound (kind
of noisy) and when I talk I can hear my voice with echo - when I turn
the volume down (triangle slider) I hear my voice without echo.

I would like to record a video with sound from this webcam and save
output to a file.

I would like to know how to record a video, both with the gui (graphical
interface) as well as using the command line.

I have tried to get the Cheese program working, but never succeded, but
I still like the cheese interface for newbies like me, as it looks very
easy to use (if it worked - smile) - I have kind of given up using

Thanks in advance.

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