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Wed Nov 26 20:32:17 UTC 2008

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> Subject: Remembering sessions
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> Date: Wednesday, November 26, 2008, 2:19 PM
> Hello,
> I noticed that in Preferences, Sessions there is a tab
> which has a check 
> box for remembering programs at log off, and a remember
> currently 
> running programs button.
> Last night before shutting down I clicked the remember
> currently running 
> programs button to save my session. When I logged on this
> morning I 
> didn't get what I expected.
> Sessions only started Firefox, missing Thunderbird which I
> also wanted 
> started, which was running when I clicked the remember
> button. It also 
> started a second copy of Kalarm which I normally start from
> a call in 
> the Sessions Startup Programs entries.
> That seems a bit buggy to me. I would think it would check
> to see if a 
> program was already in the Startup Programs, and not start
> a second copy.
> I'm looking at the Sessions help and it claims there is
> an Add Session 
> button on the Session Options tab, but no button exists on
> that tab 
> other than the "Remember Currently Running
> Programs" button. Help also 
> claims that there are several other settings on that tab
> which I do not 
> find.
> I'm on Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy.
Ray, I find that things like konsole, browser, kcalc are remembered and autostarted but things like ksensors, OO.o and others are not and even sometimes give an error saying something to the effect that the program cannot be auto started. I use kde4 desktop and YMMV on ubuntu-desktop(gnome). There may be a way around not getting some programs to auto start but I not aware of it. HTH,
Leonard Chatagnier
lenc5570 at

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