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John Hubbard ender8282 at
Wed Nov 26 15:56:37 UTC 2008

Florian Diesch wrote:
> John Hubbard <ender8282 at> wrote:
>> I am having problems getting suspend to work.  The system is running 
>> Mythbuntu 8.10.  The computer appears to go to sleep fine but does not 
>> complete wake up.  
> What does "does not complete wake up" mean?
It means that I hear the fans kick on, the power light stops blinking 
and goes steady but I never get anything on my screen. I cannot create 
an SSH connection so I don't think that networking has properly resumed. 
(I am using the on board wired nic.)
>> If anyone out there has some time I would love a 
>> little help trying to debug and fix this.  Let me know what other 
>> information you need to know about. 
> Execute 
>  lspci -kvv > lspci.log
> and post the content of lspci.log
See attached.
> Open /var/log/messages after waking up (if that's possible), look for
> the last line that contains something like
>   Nov 26 04:31:02 scenic kernel: [  545.084728] ACPI: Waking up from system sleep state S3
> and post anything after it
I can't view that right after failing to wake up because I have to 
reboot to get the machine back to a usable state. I can't even SSH. I 
will suspend the machine and then reboot and see if I can figure out 
what is what. That will follow shortly.


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