Unable to resolve host by name

Nils Kassube kassube at gmx.net
Wed Nov 26 06:23:18 UTC 2008

Bob Cortez wrote:
> media at media:~$ hostname
> media
> I can ping localhost from media
> media at media:~$ cat /etc/hosts
>    localhost media
>    media
>   media

Maybe I'm wrong because it is a bit difficult to follow this thread, but 
it seems to me that your entry for is in the wrong hosts 
file. For the media machine the file should be like this:    localhost    media.local media

And on your machine mystic-laptop the file should look like this:      localhost      mystic-laptop.local mystic-laptop  media.local media

Of course there could be other entries for static IPs if you want but 
these are the ones you need if your "Remote Desktop Viewer" wants to 
find "media.local::5900".


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