List Settings (Was: Access Database on Linux)

Steve Lamb grey at
Wed Nov 26 04:55:15 UTC 2008

On Tuesday 25 November 2008 20:24:11 H.S. wrote:
> Chris Mohler wrote:
> > Untrue.  The message is at the bottom of your message as well as
> > Rashkae's.

> > Properly configuring your mail reader is beyond the scope of this thread
> > ;)

    Understanding the realities of email, however, is not.   

> Weird. I am reading this message in Thunderbird (actually Iceweasel in
> Debian) and I do not see those instructions, even if I view the source
> of the message. I read this message in my gmail account and clicking on
> "show quoted text" shows those three lines.

    What might be at issue here is how different clients handle multiple 
sigdashes.  Apparently KMail ignores anything but the last set as evidenced by 
the following signature from GMane being quoted...

> --
> Please reply to this list only. I read this list on its corresponding
> newsgroup on Replies sent to my email address are just
> filtered to a folder in my mailbox and get periodically deleted without
> ever having been read. is not entirely unreasonable to imagine cases where a client behaves 
differently in the face of multiple sigdashes.  Also there is a known issue 
over on D-U with their list software that appending the unsubscribe signature 
on a MIME-encapsulated message will result in the signature not being 
displayed in some MIME aware clients.  Given that a good portion of D-U 
PGP/MIME signs their messages this means a good portion of the messages do not 
show the unsubscribe information for a good number of people.

    So, yes, it the signature is appended to every message that passes through 
the list.  However that is not to say that it is visible to everyone nor that 
their inability to see the unsubscribe signature is somehow a failing on their 
part.  It could just be how their software handles this undefined edge case.

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