Access Database on Linux

Ray Parrish crp at
Wed Nov 26 04:28:33 UTC 2008


I'm the original poster, and I did not ask how to get off the list, that 
was some interloper on my thread.

Isn't Mickeysoft Access a pay for play situation? I'm not able to buy 
much in the way of software, but I do have Windows XP Home on dual boot 
if there are any free Access clones available.

Later, Ray Parrish

Rashkae wrote:
> rtwig at wrote:
>> Anybody know how to gett off the list after your question is STILL unanswered??  RT
> You follow the link at the bottom of *every* message on the list to
> unsubscribe.
> And as for your question, install MS access.  (To be more precise, for
> stuff like this, I keep a Windows VMware virtual machine kicking around)

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