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> How do I format a floppy disk in Ubuntu 8.10
You could install kfloppy which will work in gnome.  Or you could do "aptitude search floppy format" and select one of several listed.

> Why does not my music CD automatically play when I put it
> in the drive.
Don't know as I've never tried to play one.  Are there any error outputs when you try to play one.  That would help.

> Please can I have any answers in plain language use the gui
> interface,

In my kubuntu-desktop it's(formatter) in Kmenu>applications>utilities.  In gnome desktop it should be System>applications>utilities. Or just applications perhaps. I could be wrong either way as I don't use gnome that much, but I look under applications and system closely for a formating tool or just install one as mentioned above.  Ain't that hard and you will have to learn some command line tools to fully enjoy ubuntu so get used to at least doing searches for packages you want to install and to be able to install a package from the command line. I'd recommend aptitude to install as it generally handles dependencies better than apt-get.  Of course, if you insist on using a GUI, you should have already loaded up synaptic package manager and did a search for floppy or floppy formatter and installed it yourself as this is very basic to ubuntu.

> I do not understand the terminal and do not want to learn.
You wont enjoy Ubuntu as much without learning some basic CLI and you need to brush up on using the GUI also. 

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