Setting up a Server, with multiple clients, nas boxes, mac and wireless

Richard Brown rich at
Mon Nov 24 08:11:24 UTC 2008

Hi All

I am about to rebuild a network and I want to use Ubuntu server. It
will be my first time doing something like this. I bought Ubuntu the
complete reference by Richard Petersen to read!

Anyway, the network currently consists of 15 xp users and 6 remote xp
users. They log in using windows remote to a standalone xp box running
Sage and serving files. They have two Netgear 16 port routers and a
modem router which serves wireless as well.

I have been given a Buffalo Terastation to serve the files and also a
Mac Pro using Parallels to serve Sage. I want to reduce bottlenecks as
much as possible and also secure the network for better remote access
and provide backup. I am hoping to build an ubuntu server which will
have three network cards. One to serve the mac/nas, one to serve the
users and one to serve wireless. The server will also be running
backup to itself and also to a usb disk for taking home at night.

Any suggestions on an improvements please? Any other suggestions? Is
the above set-up over the top please? Will it help reducing
bottlenecks? How do I know where bottlenecks could occur? Will the
wireless card be able to serve wireless to the office or do I need it
to connect to another router which will send the wireless signal?

In terms of backup - is there a gui programme which can help please?
Should I run raid 1 on the server to provide further protection? The
nas box will be running raid 1. The Mac will be a single drive.

Many thanks for all the help.
Kind regards
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