Java plugin choices for ubuntu 8.10

Wulfy wulfmann at
Mon Nov 24 03:37:23 UTC 2008

David Fox wrote:
> On Sun, Nov 23, 2008 at 6:49 PM, Chris Mohler <cr33dog at> wrote:
>> Check "about"plugins" in FF's address bar.  I recently came across a
>> system that had both icedtea and sun java installed - the icedtea
>> plugin loaded, but not the sun plugin.  Removed icedtea and everything
> Everything points to icedtea. I did as you suggest, removing icedtea
> and java-gcj-compat packages, but I can't find sun-java6-plugin - it
> is not available, and I have all sources enabled. I already have
> sun-java6-bin and sun-java6-jre installed.
> Will report back in a bit after I reload firefox and check this site out.
Are you running a 64-bit version of Ubuntu?  If so, you can either have 
sun-java and no plugin for FF or IcedTea and its plugin...  Sun haven't 
made a 64-bit plugin and don't seem likely to now...



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