Help - Adding size to a document? More security

Manuel Gomez mgdpz1 at
Sun Nov 23 23:18:11 UTC 2008

It's very simple: If i have the internet turn off, hackers won't
download anything. If i am online, hackers that breaks my iptables can
download anything. But, no matter how intelligent the hacker can be, if
the document is joined with more size the only option is split the
document of the rest.

If it can be made, okay. But if it can't be made, there is impossible
for him download the entirely file, so it's untouchable. 

Open the document and save it in another document, split the document of
the rest. What more options are there?

El dom, 23-11-2008 a las 21:57 +0100, Knapp escribió:
> > Well, the FBI and other hackers have been able to beat PGP by
> > installing a keylogger to capture the passphrase - just another reason
> > to use *nix: the FBI  haven't ported their "Magic Lantern" yet ;)  If
> > you are getting your keystrokes logged, all security measures are a
> > moot point - even ones as silly as padding the file with zeros...
> >
> > Chris
> And all sorts of ways to read keyboards and monitors remotely. If you
> really want to keep it private keep it off the computer. Maybe write
> it on a piece of saran wrap and freeze it in an ice cube. :-)
> -- 
> Douglas E Knapp

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