Calendar program

Linda haniganwork at
Sat Nov 22 16:33:39 UTC 2008

Hal Burgiss wrote:
> On Sat, Nov 22, 2008 at 08:37:27AM -0600, Linda wrote:
>> Are there any programs you would recommend for creating calendars on 
>> Ubuntu.  It would be nice to be able to both print and view on the 
>> computer. Preferably very simple this is for one of our office employees 
>> I am moving from Windows to Ubuntu and she is looking for things to 
>> complain about.
> Probably not the kind of thing you are looking for, but I find google
> calendar fairly decent, not to mention that the calendars are
> sharable, embeddable, and accessible from any device with an internet
> connection. They are on a theming binge and I suspect themeable
> calendars are coming.
Thanks for the suggestions. After seeing a bunch of Excel based programs 
I got the idea to search for Open Office calendar and found the perfect 
solution. It is an open office extension called  *Caledrier*

It does a calendar for any month  you choose month and year and then it 
saves as a open office word processing file so you can make any later 
changes. I think I'll give them Sunbird for a personal desktop calendar 
and the extension for creating calendars to print.
       Thanks again

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