Reformatting a USB stick that shows up as two devices?

James Tappin sjt at
Fri Nov 21 14:49:01 UTC 2008

On Fri, 21 Nov 2008 09:43:02 -0500
Kim Goldenberg <kgoldenberg at> wrote:

KG> There is a Windows-only reformatter that will "undo" the U3
KG> partitioning  and make the flash drive one partition again, but be
KG> warned that it will  delete everything on the drive. If it is
KG> important to you, you can  probably find a friend who will let you
KG> put it on their Windows machine  and reformat it for you. I used my
KG> son's machine to reformat mine.

Any chance that it might work under wine (or if it's really a DOS
program under dosemu)?

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