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Leonard Chatagnier wrote:
> Thanks for the info buy be forewarned that I'm no programmer but less experienced. I'll give it a shot anyway. Note, I never installed ipython; just used python.  Did try entering the sequence of numbers separated by commas which gave me a syntax error with no explanation. However, I left in the sum function the parts following the sequence of numbers, ie, ", start=0) -> value". (perhaps that was the syntax error.) I'll try it again.  From what I'm reading below it looks like the cursor is different in ipython(In [8]) compared to python(>>>) which makes it a little confusing. however I got the same sum output as you show below.
> I'll try with ipython as you have an example below.

Anyone can be a programmer. It just requires a bit of focus, patience,
and the right resources. The book and the web site that I pointed out
are perfect for you since they assume no prior programming knowledge. As
for the differences between the regular Python shell and ipython, aside
from the prompt, which you've noted, ipython remembers command history
(just like bash), and has a slew of convenience features, such as the
command completion, getting help by typing "?" after things, macros,
etc. You don't strictly have to install ipython. You could do whatever I
did with ipython with the regular shell. I typed all the bits after the
":" in the lines were prefixed by "In" and the output from the Python
interpreter was on the lines prefixed by "Out". I could explain all this
to the last little detail but it wouldn't be a substitute for you
playing with it. Trying to learn who to program without actually
experimenting is like trying to learn how to swim by reading a book.
Have fun!

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