Reformatting a USB stick that shows up as two devices?

Adam Funk a24061 at
Thu Nov 20 20:23:19 UTC 2008

On 2008-11-20, Mark Haney wrote:

> Adam Funk wrote:

>> Just this one (which is a couple of years old).  I think it's a
>> "feature": it shows up as a 128MB drive and as a much smaller one,
>> which originally had a file with Windows drivers for the big one.
>> This isn't really very important --- more curiosity than anything
>> else.
> But it is important, 

Umm, "solving" this "problem" isn't important for me.  It bugged me a
little and I was curious about it.  If it bugged me a lot, I could
just throw it away (since I've received bigger ones free since then).

> it shouldn't be seen as 2 separate devices, just 2 
> partitions of the same device.  Unless, of course there's something in 
> the firmware that makes the drive into two devices.  So, instead of one 
> 1GB flash drive it's literally broken into 1 950MB drive and one 50MB 
> drive.  (Make sense?)  (The file sizes are for example only).

I think that is the case.

> If the storage is physically divided that way, then I'm not sure merging 
> the two together to be a good idea.  You'd need SW RAID and it being a 
> mobile device I don't know that would be safe for the data on the device.
> I hope at least SOME of that made sense.

It all made sense!  Thanks.

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