So Unstable and driving me mad!!

Carl Friis-Hansen ubuntuuser at
Thu Nov 20 19:50:59 UTC 2008

Mark Haney wrote:
> It's funny, I rarely ever see a system completely bomb because of funky 
> memory anymore.  It always exhibits bizarre and unstable behaviour 
> rather than simply not booting or a panicked kernel.  Some of that might 
> be due to the way the memory bus is designed now.
Mark, you answered yourself why Karl was not completely wrong. The thing 
is that modern machines are a lot more stable and that even though they 
are almost 10,000 times faster today compared to the 4.75MHz IBM. The 
reason is simple: Computers consist of fever and fever ICs and of 
shorter and shorter inter connections. The manufactures of the VLSIs and 
CPUs are doing a very good design job with a very low failure rate. 
Because the circuit board is approaching elimination, the product of 
speed and complexity has increased and the failure rate decreased.
Yes, an old well proven machine will probably continue work very well, 
whatever you put on it, but there still is some truth in Karl's earlier 

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