So Unstable and driving me mad!!

Sven aluoor at
Thu Nov 20 14:40:48 UTC 2008

On 11/20/08, WipeOut <wipe_out at> wrote:

>  Firefox crashes all the time.. Thunderbird occasionally crashes..
>  Openoffice freezes or wrecks documents.. Printing is a nightmare with
>  errors or not printing correctly or at all..
>  I have used this exactly same hardware for 7.10 and its was fine.. About
>  6 months ago I started having issues with Firefox on 7.10 but on 8.10 I
>  just seem to have issues all the time..
>  So the fist thing I would like to do is make sure my hardware is good..
>  Are there any system stress test apps that I can easily run to make sure
>  its not a hardware issue??


What is your hardware vendor? Try using hardware diagnostics software
from your hardware builder.

You don't need to do stress testing[0]. Stress testing doesn't
diagnose hardware issues. With stress testing you can see whats the
maximal load/users/connections/... on the system.


kind regards


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