General way to autostart my application

Florian Diesch diesch at
Wed Nov 19 21:45:35 UTC 2008

Roland Turcan <konf at> wrote:

> I need to use a common way for auto starting my application. I found
> out, that gnome and kde don't use the same way for registration an
> application for automatic start after user's login.
> gnome uses ~/.config/autostart/myapp.desktop
> kde uses ~/.kde/autostart/myapp.desktop
> but how to solve this with common solution for all environments,
> because to write information into all places is not the way I like.

Usually you want to autostart different programs depending on which
desktop you are using. If you really want to have the same programs
for both environments you could create a directory e.g. ~/.autostart
and then make ~/.config/autostart and ~/.kde/autostart symlinks to
this dir.

> It must be, that standard user can do it for himself and not to
> require root's permissions.

 ~/.config/autostart/ and ~/.kde/autostart/ both belong to the user.

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