installing kubuntu 8.10 Desktop in dual boot

José do Nascimento Dias josef.nascimento at
Mon Nov 17 01:14:51 UTC 2008

Hi there!
I would like to get some help.
a) I have a Win2k in /dev/hda1 + a linux kurumin7 in /dev/hda2 + a swap of 773 MB in /dev/hda5.
b) I have also a free space of 34.694 MB, where I intended to install the Kubuntu 8.10 Desktop.
c) as I began installing, in the phase PREPARE PARTITIONS, I met the following problem:
    > I created a new partition for kubuntu in the free space and set the mount point  /
    > as I went forward, there apeared a message that the partition /dev/hda2 (kurumin) needed a mount point, otherwise it would not work
    > as I saw the options for that mount point, they were:
        >  / (which was not accepted);
        > /boot
        > /home
        > /tmp
        > /usr
        > /var
        > /swap
        > /opt
        > /usr/local
d) I think that the proper mount point for /dev/hda2 should be: /boot. But I am afraid to risk loosing most of mai data which are in Kurumin and I would like to be sure.
Could someone help me?

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