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Ray Parrish crp at
Mon Nov 17 05:19:39 UTC 2008

Derek Broughton wrote:
> Ray Parrish wrote:
>> Wow! That's way over blown for what I need. I just need something that
>> pings the servers every few minutes, and pops up a notice if either of
>> them is down. A web search found lots of Windows packages that do
>> this, but no Linux based solutions. I even tried one of the Windows
>> apps with Wine, but it wouldn't run.
> Please don't top post.  How can we have a conversation.
> You won't find a Linux packaged solution to just do that because it's as 
> simple as running a script that uses "wget" to get anything from the 
> site (outputting it to /dev/null) and echos a message if wget fails, 
> being careful to create no output at all when the wget succeeds.  Stick 
> the script in cron, and you'll get an email every time it fails.
Sorry about the top posting, it's the default in my email client and on 
most lists I belong to they don't complain. I myself have a plug in that 
collapses all quoted material in an email to one line boxes that can be 
opened to full size if I can't remember what was said previously. [love 
that add in! get Quote Collapse and Quote Colors for Thunderbird, 
they're great]

So much for off topic... Thanks for the tip on wget, I'll be loading the 
man page to study it here in a minute. I've done some bash scripting 
[spam] when I wrote the System Report script for Ubuntu which is 
available on my web site.[end of spam] 8-) So, I'm hoping I can figure 
it out once again to do this.

Later, Ray Parrish

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