update manager

NoOp glgxg at sbcglobal.net
Sat Nov 15 01:18:32 UTC 2008

On 11/14/2008 12:34 PM, Mario Vukelic wrote:

> I usually have to press the "check" button. It probably depends on when
> you look: AFAICT the repositories are updated twice a day (might depend
> on the particular mirror you use), and I think the update manager checks
> them once a day, at a regular time that is however different per
> machine. I think the particular time is decided at installation time
> (and probably saved somewhere in a config file) and spread out over the
> day to take load off the machines.
> Another influence may be your settings in System -> Administration ->
> Software Sources -> tab Updates -> heading Automatic Updates. 

I think it depends on the phase of the moon... I have multiple systems
running in front of me; most are configured nearly identical. I will see
the updates icon pop up on one or two, and it will take a day or more to
see it pop up on another. At first I'd scramble the "update' check; but
after awhile I figured that Ubuntu was giving me the chance to screw up
the early 'update notice' machines first :-)

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