Need to install Ubuntu via USB

Scott slewin at
Fri Nov 14 16:45:59 UTC 2008

Loïc Grenié wrote:
>      Did you manage to install 8.04 or do you have problems at the
>   first "USB-key" boot, before installation ?
No, I can not even get into the desktop to install 8.04.  I can get to 
the first menu where it ask you if you want to intal it or boot into the 
live desktop.  I uses the option to check the CD which said it was fine, 
even though it is a USB drive.  When I press either the boot into 
desktop or install at first everything looks fine and I see boot screen 
with the graphic of Ubuntu and the bar, but then Busybox pops up.

>>  I'm going to try
>> and see if I can get Kubuntu 8.06 back in there.  That is what I was
>> able to get into there before and it worked fine.  Stupid me.  I wanted
>> to "update" her computer and have it using the same desktop as mine :(.
>     How do I understand you !
Sorry, I meant 8.04, not 8.06 :).  This is why this is so imprtant to 
me.  I gave that laptop to my wife so she would have her own and now I 
have screwed it up.  I fell so responsible :(.

Your friend,

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