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Thu Nov 13 23:20:53 UTC 2008

iodine at wrote:
> Karl Larsen wrote:
>> Karl Larsen wrote:
>>>     I am lost it appears. On my cheap lap-top I got Hardy loaded using 
>>> the Alternate CD and it looked perfect and was so I think. I got 170 
>>> updates and it was really what I wanted.
>>>     Then I did a really stupid thing. I tried to look at a file with 
>>> totem. Of course it could not play the file and it said you need some 
>>> more special files, 2 in fact. I installed both and they ruined ALL my 
>>> Sound and Video things.
>>>     These 2 files were from a computer outside the USA and they are 
>>> faulty in some way. I did not write down the name of the files. If you 
>>> know the file names I can remove them and get my Sound and Video systems 
>>> working again.
>>>     I did look at Google and put in ubuntu,totem,freeze and got several 
>>> thousand web things to read. I find this is a very common PROBLEM. But 
>>> after reading 15 of them there was no solution offered except to re-load 
>>> your ubuntu and the next step is to with great haste delete all of totem.
>>> Karl
>>     Well it is now clear the VLC problem is something to do with the 
>> lap-top. I re-loaded Hardy which was easy and the updates are flowing. I 
>> did d/l VLC and delete totem and found that VLC still freezes the 
>> computer. No idea what it might be but it is not a problem with Totem.
> Sounds very much like a gfx driver problem.
> Odd
    Well it might be. What can I do to verify the problem? I am willing 
to run any tests you might need on the lap-top. I will Google gfx and 
see if I can learn anything.



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