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Thu Nov 13 16:40:02 UTC 2008

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> Subject: Boot trouble
> To: ubuntu-users at
> Date: Thursday, November 13, 2008, 2:41 AM
> Hello,
> I am a newbie having trouble booting. The system was
> booting fine, but after
> some updates and a reset, the booting could not be
> completed, the error
> message is
> Target filesystem doesnt have /sbin/init
> ...
> /bin/sh: can't access tty; job control turned off
> One of the problems is, the cpu is not a standard one, and
> the device is a
> thin client, which has storage on compact flash and no cd
> rom. I have usb
> access. The chipset is via eden.
> The system has busybox running on it.
> su does not work, nor most of the commands, just does not
> recognize, I am
> able to run just the busybox commands.
> After the startup fails, I have a root directory in which I
> can see my
> original files, so yes, the system does see the cf. The
> files in it are read
> only.
> looking at the fstab file, I see that it is empty, only has
> the
> #UNCONFIGURED FSTAB FOR BASE SYSTEM statement, also is the
> backup fstab.
> Thus, what I guess is I need is to reconstruct the fstab,
> which should be
> far from standart, as there is a compact flash involved,
> manually setting it
> may not work.
> Do you have any suggestions ?
> Thank you.
> Alp
I am not experienced in thin clients but it sounds like somewhere along the way you have a failed upgrade or install. Try this:
Boot up in recovery mode and select a tty terminal which should be a root terminal, if not you could sudo but I think it should be a root term#. Then

dpkg --configure -a
aptitude -f install

Pay attention to any output errors and do anything that says needed to be done. At the very least the output errors should give you and the list what is wrong and needs correcting and you can report back the results for further help.

Leonard Chatagnier
lenc5570 at

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