Intrepid problem

Steven Davies-Morris sdavmor at
Thu Nov 13 04:51:00 UTC 2008

Bill Taylor wrote:
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> I downloaded the i386 image to upgrade my dual core AMD that is running
> Hardy,  i386.  I wrote the image to disk and put in to my running
> computer and chose Upgrade.  When I uname -r it reports that I'm running
>  2.6.24-19 and when I boot the menu lists Hardy with kernel 2.6.24-19.
> The system Monitor reports that I am running Intrepid with the older
> kernel. When I attempt to upgrade my xVM VirtualBox I'm ibnformed there
> is a kernel error and it seems to be searching for the kernel I should
> be running but I am not.

You need to upgrade the kernel to the latest 2.6.27.x version.  In
Synaptic look for linux-image-2.6.27 and associated files.  Then do
the vBox upgrade to 2.0.4.
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