8.04.1 in a Medion Akoya Mini -> Ndiswrapper

José Á. Fernández jose.angel.fernandez.freire at gmail.com
Wed Nov 12 14:43:44 UTC 2008

Hi all.

This is my 1st mail, so I would firstly like to introduce myself. My name is
Pepe (^_Pepe_^) and I'm from Spain, I use a very odd English (sorry!), and
I'm a pretty new joiner in Ubuntu world, after 10 or more years not using

I've successfully installed Ubuntu 8.10 in my General Purpose PC (PC #1,
E8200), in my fully-BOINC-deployed-full-unnattended PC (PC#3, Pentium 4,
2.40) and in my HTPC (PC#2 AMD x2). I've read some issues in my netbook with
8.10, so I've installed 8.04.1 with some success.

My problem is that since the Wifi card is not supported (AFAIK), I had to
use Ndiswrapper to make it work.

   - sudo depmod -a
   - sudo modprobe ndiswrapper
   - echo 'ndiswrapper' | sudo tee -a /etc/modules
   - sudo ndiswrapper -m

I've downloaded the Windows driver (
http://rapidshare.com/files/132471960/ralink_rt2860.tar.gz) for Ratlink
2860, and after a

   - sudo ndiswrapper -i rt2860.inf
   - sudo ndiswrapper -l

I've my wifi system working...but with less "power" than Windows.

Working on my living room, I have no troubles, because my router is 2 meter
away. But, when I go to my bedroom (next floor) wifi signal goes down
quickly and finally shuts down the connection... :-(

I've read surfing somewhere, that ndiswrapper has this behaviour and madwifi
works better managing Wifi power.

My question is: Can I use madwifi somehow? Any how-to???

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