System Image

Bart Silverstrim bsilver at
Tue Nov 11 15:10:12 UTC 2008

Chaman Singh Verma wrote:

> My two machines are not connected, so I was thinking if there is someway to
> create the
> image on some DVD. A great amount has gone in installing software that I
> need and many
> had to change that I dind't keep track.Therefore, I am looking for exact
> image.
> Your two suggestions are good, and i will look into them.

I would suggest finding a way to network or get a USB drive to store the 
image and seeing if partimage will work (using a disk like Rescue Is 
Possible, RIP) to create the image file...we use a procedure with RIP to 
copy lab drives. SATA drive controllers can be iffy in whether Partimage 
will see the drive, though.

DD is also an option, but the resulting image can be big unless you look 
up coupling it with gzip.

And if you think you'll ever need to copy the data somewhere, makes sure 
you get and check md5sums of the resulting datafile.

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