Mail announce in Thunderbird (Ubuntu 8.04)

Larry Shields larryesu at
Tue Nov 11 11:28:53 UTC 2008

tux wrote:
> Larry Shields wrote:
>> tux wrote:
>>> I tried this too but still no sound just the pop-up window at the bottom 
>>> left of screen.
>>> Larry Shields wrote:
>>>> *At the point of using a .wav sound in Thunderbird, click on brouse, go
>>>> to /usr/share/sounds, and choose which sound that you would like...
>>>> I use KDE_Beep_Lightning.wav...There are many more, also you can 
>>>> download any .wav file and put it in your own dir., then use the same 
>>>> format to use it as in the above...
>>>> Hope this helps...
>>>> Larry
>>>> *
>> *Do you have any sound at all on your system...???
>> I had sound when I first installed Intrepid, but made a mistake at some 
>> point and lost all sound, so I gave up and reinstalled intrepid...I now 
>> have my sound back, vlc, mplayer all work just fine, I also have 
>> limewire it also works...
>> So did you have sound when you first installed intrepid, if so, you 
>> might thing about reinstalling it and start new...
>> Larry
>> *
> Yes,sort of. Works on startup and shutdown. I just test it on 
> and it worked but when I tested Sound Preferences 
> it did not. Devices were set on autodect. I tried all the other choices 
> and they worked when tested. I left them on OSS (Open Sound System). 
> Still no sound on Sound Preference - Sounds. They were working yesterday.
> When I set a sound in Thunderbird other than default sound (which I 
> don't think there is one), when there is new mail my screen gets dark 
> and  have to force quit Thunderbird.
*Hello Tux,

I just looked at what I have here with sound preferences, here they are:
The top three are all Autodetect.
Sound Capture is ALSA - Advanced Linux Sound Architecture
The default Mixer tracks: Device Capture:ALSA PCM on front:0 (VIA 8237) 
via DMA (Pulse Audio)
Then is shows MASTER below...

As for your screen going dark, I think it is looking for the sound and 
can't find it, just a guess...

If you want I can send you a .wav file, for your to put say in your home 
dir., name it sounds, then go to thunderbird, where it shows the sound, 
click the brouse and go to your your home dir, for sounds, click on the 
.wav file...Then try it out...Send yourself a message to see if it works...

Also in sound preferences, check PLAY SOUND EFFECTS...



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