Problem with Ubuntu and router

Scott slewin at
Mon Nov 10 15:32:56 UTC 2008

Mark Haney wrote:
> What kind of error messages are you getting?
I have been receiving no error messages.  When I am dealing with PHP 
scripts I get a PHP script download on the browser.

> Are you able to get any 
> web pages at all?
The download is fine and I am able to get all webpages to display.  I 
just can't do anything that requires anything more than a couple KB of 
upload.  I can't post to forums, I can't use PHPmyAdmin, and the like. 
I went to and got normal upload (3 Mbs), but got 0 Upload.

> Have you tried a different browser?
Not recently, but when I had this problem in the past I have used 
Firefox, Opera, and Konqueror.  All had the same problem.

> What ftp client 
> do you use?
I tried both Nautilus and Gftp.

> What are your network settings WITH the router in the 
> middle and without?
I mostly left the router to factory default except that I enabled the 
wireless with WPA and set up my ISP using PPPoe.

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