new machine; no sound

elmo elmo at
Mon Nov 10 15:32:24 UTC 2008

Glenn Holmer wrote:
> I just bought a new machine and put Intrepid on it (32-bit), but have no
> sound.  It's a quad-core Xeon, with a Super Micro X7DA8 board, and I
> took a SoundBlaster Audigy SB1394 from my previous machine and put it in
> the new one.  I disabled the onboard AC 97 audio via jumper (verified by
> running "asoundconf list" both ways).  Volume is normal, nothing is
> muted, etc.
> I had a chat with Mr. Google and ended up taking this advice:
> but it didn't help.  All the diagnostics show that the sound card is
> there (lshw, lspci, etc.) and the PulseAudio Manager looks normal (the
> volume meters move when I play a file), but there's no output.  I tested
> with headphones plugged directly into the card.  I know the card is
> still good because I swapped it back into the previous machine, plugged
> headphones into it, and played a .wav file.
> I'm confused because all the diagnostics seem to show that the card is
> working properly, but I have no output.  Suggestions?
Not to suggest that it's the answer to the problem but I had no sound on 
a new computer until I "discovered " that the volume control on the 
speaker system was turned completely off.  The volume control looked 
like a round snap on cover on one of the speakers.

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