Derek Broughton news at
Mon Nov 10 01:41:08 UTC 2008

Eberhard Roloff wrote:

> Derek Broughton wrote:
>> Or even better for the trepidacious new user, slip the new disk into the
>> drive _while_ you're running Windows and the "Wubi" installer will create
>> a
>> file _inside_ your Windows partition and install Ubuntu into that.  Then
>> you can boot into either without trouble.
> On a sidenote:
> While I understand Wubi as a rather riskfree way to explore Linux, I
> never recommend Wubi or vmware/vbox installations to newcomers.
> Imho these msolutions either depend on the power of the underlying
> windows or are nice but slow through emulation.

huh?  Do you have a clue what either wubi or the virtual solutions are?

Wubi provides a standard boot into linux on a loopback filesystem, where the
filesystem is a file on the NTFS partition.  The only remote hazard here is
that the filesystem is hosted on an NTFS partition.  Once installed, it has
no dependence on "the underlying windows" and it is slowed only as much as
I/O to any loopback system might be.

I wouldn't suggest a virtual solution to newbies, but only because the setup
can be a little complicated - there's no reason at all it should be slow,
provided you have enough memory (on my wife's system, Windows on
virtualbox, itself, is as fast as Windows - unfortunately it takes so much
of her memory, that the host Ubuntu system is a pig...)

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