Moved from Kubuntu to Ubuntu and have questions

Scott slewin at
Sun Nov 9 02:45:05 UTC 2008

NoOp wrote:
>> 1: Is there a GTK/Gnome bittorrent client anything like Ktorrent?
> Applications|Internet|BiTorrent
I tried TRansmission and it seems to basic for me.  I like all the 
additional information Ktorrent gives.

>> 3: Is there any desktop widgets for the Gnome desktop like SuperKaramba?
>> 4: Is there any way yet to get a split panel view in Nautilus?
> No. But you can try:
Really, what I want is something that displays system resources uses and 
hard drive usage statistics on the desktop.  It does not need to be a 
widget, but that is what I used in Kubuntu.

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