Eberhard Roloff tuxebi at
Sat Nov 8 14:44:46 UTC 2008

Derek Broughton wrote:

> Or even better for the trepidacious new user, slip the new disk into the
> drive _while_ you're running Windows and the "Wubi" installer will create a
> file _inside_ your Windows partition and install Ubuntu into that.  Then
> you can boot into either without trouble.
On a sidenote:

While I understand Wubi as a rather riskfree way to explore Linux, I 
never recommend Wubi or vmware/vbox installations to newcomers.

Imho these msolutions either depend on the power of the underlying 
windows or are nice but slow through emulation.

Both are nice and fine for a professional using needing Linux for 
occassionally looking at it.
In contrast, I think a serious newcomer has got the right to see Linux 
at it's best. Imho this can only happen via installing Linux natively on 
the disk(s)

>> Also, I have a lot of files on my computer, am I going to
>>> have to back them up to DVD before installing the above mentioned OS
>> YES!!! However this is not Linux specific. 
> YES!  Any time you are doing a major install - particularly an Operating
> System - you should have backups.  (I know you said that, but it can't be
> stressed enough).

Also if you are not doing major installs, you should have backups, 
anytime because users make mistakes and hardware fails.

Kind regards

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