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Bart Silverstrim wrote:
> > I don't know if anyone can or will answer this...sometimes this list is
> > quite hit or miss...but are there people from Canonical or developers
> > for apps in the repos monitoring the list(s)?

There are a couple of devs I know subscribed to this list, but I doubt
they're monitoring. You can usually get feedback from the ubuntu-devel list.

> > I was curious since I went from 8.04 to 8.10 and had 3 issues so far on
> > 2 machines, and it seems that the issues were known problems from beta
> > testing and I think they're in the bug tracker, but I don't know if
> > there's ever any feedback on what the status of the bug is.

However, if it's a bug, they'll just usually just point you to since ubuntu-devel's mostly used for planning and
coordination. The same with ubuntu-bugsquad.

> > The webcam
> > driver issue seemed to have been reported other places, but am I holding
> > my breath that it's being worked on or is it one of those things that
> > will be ignored or left as obsolete?

Same here, I have problems with my 2 webcams. It worked previously with
Edgy, but not on Feisty. I've given up on them since the bug I reported
seems to be stuck in dev-oblivion.

I've looked high and low before for a resolution on my webcam problem,
until someone (another dev) pointed out that there's no Canonical/Ubuntu
dev working on webcams. They just get the package upstream and few
really bothers fixing bugs - mostly because it's not high up on their list.

If it's really important to you to get your webcam working, try
contacting Michel "the webcam guy" Xhaard[1] since he's the specialist
in that field. A better process would be to file a bug report - but I
don't see a bug tracker on his site[2], so I think he looks at bug
reports downstream.

> > So I wondered if there was a site
> > or method of finding out before deciding if I need to downgrade or get
> > rid of the hardware in question, or what the best practices was in that
> > situation.

You can look at his compatibility charts for one[3][4].

> > Not trying to start a flamewar or fit. I'm asking how as an end user to
> > get feedback on issues rather than just shouting to the mountains, or if
> > the bug tracker is the last which case it seems kind of open
> > ended.

Unfortunately, that is the process. Everyone relies on bug trackers.


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