New Intrepid upgrade killed all my sound

Cybe R. Wizard cybe_r_wizard at
Fri Nov 7 15:52:18 UTC 2008

Sorry if this doesn't thread correctly.  I can't currently get
easily back into my Ibex installation which is where this thread exists
on my machine.

Nigel Henry asked:
> Did you have more sliders on your Hardy install? I remember on my
> Fedora9 install there was only one slider, and that had Pulseaudio
> installed as default. Upon disabling Pulseaudio, Alsamixer then had
> several sliders for my hda intel card. I still had to set model
> options
> for snd-hda-intel, as the default didn't have a slider for "CD" 

Yes!  My Hardy installation has 6 sliders on the AlsaMixer.  It also
tells me the chipset, Realtek ALC883.  BUT, I think I will not pursue
this any farther as I am quite happy with Hardy.  

I must say that this is the first deal-breaker I have had with Ubuntu
since Warty first appeared.  Each and every previous version has
upgraded perfectly, even if I wasn't quite as happy as a pig in slip
about some things in each.  I guess Intrepid is too early for my
pleasure even though I have always upgraded before the release in the
past.  Maybe in a month or so I'll try again.  In the meantime I will
have to try getting GRUB fixed so as to see all my bootable partitions
again. (Another 8.10 treat for me!)

Thanks for all your help, Nigel, and I'll see ya around.

For what it's worth, the Intrepid live CD didn't have workable sound,

Cybe R. Wizard
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