[intrepid] equivalent of XTerm*VT100.translations: string with gnome-terminal

Jacques Beigbeder Jacques.Beigbeder at ens.fr
Fri Nov 7 15:33:47 UTC 2008


With the old xterm, you can have in a ressource file:
	XTerm*VT100.translations: #override \
		<Key>F6: string("06/11/2008")\n
(of course, before login, sed modifies the ressource file)
Usage was obvious: when you hit F6 anywhere (shell, vim, any text tool,
even after a lot of slogins), F6 enters the date. Useful to comment
modifications in files! (I'm system administrator)

Konsole in KDE allows:
	-> Edit Profile "Shell"
	-> Input
	-> Edit "Linux console"
which is in fact the file ~/.kde/share/apps/konsole/linux.keytab
So sed also can help.

But what's about gnome-terminal?

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