Manipulating PDF files

John Botscharow john at
Wed Nov 5 22:18:11 UTC 2008

I tried to install acroread using both the synaptic package manager and
the command line method you recommended In both cases, the system said
package not found Do I need to add a software source to get this
package???? If yes, which one? If not, what now?

BTW thanks for the quick response. Much appreciated.

On Wed, Nov 05, 2008 at 06:30:09AM -0600, John Botscharow wrote:
> I need to change background color and font color on a number of PDF
> files. I have vision problems and white background with black fonts
> not work well for me. Is there a way to reverse the colors in a PDF?
> I am using the Ubuntu Studio flavor of Hardy Heron. 
> Being able to do this is very important to me. It will make it a lot
> easier for me to complete my doctoral studies, so any help will be
> greatly appreciated.

Using Adobe Reader 8 choose Edit => Preferences => Accessibility

To install it use Synaptic and search for Adobe or at the command line
sudo apt-get install acroread.

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