Lost Documents and Photos and desktop files and folders

Roger Benham rogerbenham2000 at yahoo.ca
Fri Nov 7 04:37:54 UTC 2008

Re: Lost Documents and Photos and desktop files and folders

Well I can only assume that I missed seeing the statement about losing all data if I'd proceeded as I would have not done so had I.
Expensive proposition to recover the data lost. I would that 8.10 had been handled as an update and not as an install. Surely that is what an .iso does? Was there really an option to just update? I missed it if there was. I missed it updating a laptop as well.
 Yet I had no problem going from 7.04 to 7.10 to 8.04. 
Thanks for the advice given. I live in Smithers, BC, Canada and yes indeed Dave Stevens has been trying to help and will help more tomorrow . 
About 100 GB of partial downloads and maybe 30 GB of completed downloads not yet saved on DVD. All photos from August 2007 but maybe only 10 are beyond sentimental value (ie could be sold). But the documents are sad for me (I'm a Green politician and they represent loads of stuff about global warming and oil depletion; it's still in my head though).
Yes, I know, I should have backed up or much better saved it all on the other hard drive but I didn't ... because like I told a friend "the great thing about Ubuntu is you can't lose data when you update or it crashes". Wrong, wasn't I?
But I'm so glad that all the photos I took prior to 2006 are on film.
Thanks all ... we might call for more help.

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