8.10 and the GeForce 6100 NVIDIA

Karl Larsen k5di at zianet.com
Thu Nov 6 12:58:58 UTC 2008

Walter Garcia-Fontes wrote:
> * Karl Larsen [06/11/08 00:37]:
>>     Ubuntu got the NVIDIA drivers right for versions Gutsy and Hardy. 
>> Then came alone Intrepid and it supports some but not all NVIDIA 
>> hardware. This is a real Ubuntu problem. To say your waiting for new 
>> driver software from NVIDIA is, I am sorry to say a lie. Why does it 
>> work on Hardy????
> 1) Hardy is a LTS (Long Term Support) version and Intrepid is not,
> and this is known, whenever you install any intermediate version
> between the LTS versions you get the latest software but you risk to
> get some instability.
> 2) If NVIDIA does not provide information for the developers, I agree
> not to hold the full distribution back because one or two
> propietary drivers not working with the latest kernel. I've never
> understood why on earth a hardware producer will not want to open up
> its drivers, they're not software sellers, unless there is some
> conspiration theory behind to favor the dominating OS.
    Well my work with Intrepid does point to the new Kernel as being the 
thing changed and keeping the driver software from working.

    I like to look at the nVidia problem from their eyes. They make sure 
there is a driver software for all the Windows versions. These versions 
change every 3 or 4 years about.

    There are 5 or 6 versions of Linux changing about every 6 months and 
going in different directions. The kernel changes in each and it is 
impossible to offer a simple driver software package.

    So they provided a bash file with good programs that checked the 
local kernel and made sure there was a kernel tree so it can make a 
kernel module which is successful. I used the bash file on Ubuntu and 
Red Hat versions and it works fine. But it doesn't work fine on 
Intrepid. I tried it and it printed out a detailed error report. The 
problem was that the Intrepid kernel was different.

    From my point of view Intrepid was a lot of work to get loaded, but 
it has never worked. So with all this information the smart thing to do 
is delete Intrepid from my computer and stay with Hardy which works fine 
with a nVidia computer.



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